Jenna Covelli – The 50something/60something four-way

The 50something/60something four-way

In this scene, 65-year-old Scarlet Andrews and her assistant, 51-year-old Jenna Covelli, are both dressed in very low-cut business suits that show a lot of tit. They introduce themselves to James and Carlos, a couple of young guys who sell hip-hop shirts. They're a little skeezy, a bit downmarket, and they think they know everything.

Their corporate headquarters is in Carlos's mother's basement!

The women are impressed...not by the fact that Carlos and James are working out of a basement but by the success of their business.

But the boys are hesitant. They don't want to be perceived as sellouts.

"We can show you ways to plug up every single hole in the market," Jenna tells them, a bit suggestively, if you ask us.

Carlos and James excuse themselves to discuss the situation. Meanwhile, behind them, Scarlet and Jenna have taken off their jackets.

"Boys, let us help you make a decision," Jenna says.

"Let us show you what we can do for you," Scarlet adds.

Now, we don't know how sucking cock and fucking is going to help sales, but it's a lot more fun than sitting around making T-shirts. Before we know it, Scarlet is down there sucking Carlos's cock and Jenna is having her way with James' rod. And then the ladies are bouncing up and down on the boys' cocks and getting fucked every which way.

In the end, James and Carlos cum on the ladies' faces. But did Scarlet and Jenna close the deal? Did they land the account? We're guessing they did.

The 50something/60something four-way

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Mirabella Amore – Mirabella takes on big, black cock royalty

Mirabella takes on big, black cock royalty

Mirabella, a 43-year-old who broke her hardcore cherry with last month, was glowing after she finished fucking King Noire.

"I really enjoyed this scene," she said. "We had great chemistry."

By "great chemistry," she means he loved her pussy and she loved his cock. It's a huge, black cock that Mirabella manages to wrap her pussy and mouth around. Notice how her pussy stretches around the cock. Very nice.

"I like romantic comedies," Mirabella told us.

We like sexy, blonde MILFs who fuck on-camera.

"I like playing with my dogs and listening to music," she said.

King Noire likes playing with her tits and pussy.

Her perfect day would consist of going to the beach or boating and then out to dinner.

Finished off with fucking, of course. By a big, black cock, we assume.

Mirabella takes on big, black cock royalty

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Kay Kummingz – Kay’s big-cock anal jam

Kay's big-cock anal jam

"Oh, baby, I want it in my ass now," 48-year-old housewife Kay says to 25-year-old stunt cock Johnny about 13 minutes into this scene, which is entirely about raunchy, nasty sex. There's no setup. No plot. When it opens, Kay is wearing a short, colorful dress. Johnny is all over her tits and pussy, and Kay is all over his cock. She's grinding her ass into his crotch to let him know what she wants...after she sucks his cock and gets her semi-shaved cunt fucked, of course.

One of the highlights of this scene comes before Johnny sticks his cock in Kay's wedded asshole. She's lying on her side on the couch, and he's pummeling her pussy while lying behind her, and her nipples are hard as little rocks. One's pointing straight to the northeast, the other is pointing straight to the southeast, and you could cut glass with those aroused nips.

Another highlight is when Kay is sitting on top of Johnny, her asshole surrounding his cock, and Johnny grabs her by the ass cheeks and pumps her up and down on his cock. Kay takes every inch and then says, "I want you to shove that dick up my ass doggie-style." When Kay's ass has been thoroughly fucked and Johnny can't hold back any more, when Kay's old asshole has gripped his dick for all it's worth, Kay gets on her knees and opens her mouth for his cum.

This scene truly reflects Kay's personality. This is a woman who loves gangbangs, sucking dick and taking it up the ass. She's not one of those women who needs to be romanced. She isn't into that lovey-dovey crap. She's a woman who needs to have her holes filled. Every single one. Mouth. Pussy. Ass. And if you can come up with another one, she'd probably be game for that, too.

Oh, yeah: She's a mother of two.

Kay's big-cock anal jam

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Alysha – Black cock in Naughty Alysha’s pussy, white cum on her face

Black cock in Naughty Alysha's pussy, white cum on her face

It's black-cock time for 40-year-old naughty wife Naughty Alysha, who's impressed by the size of Asante's cock. And he's impressed with what she calls her "big, jiggly ass."

"I wanna feel that cock a little bit more," Alysha says, and she's being very aggressive, taking control of the situation, calling Asante "a sexy bitch." He enjoys smacking her ass and making it jiggle.

Alysha enjoys sucking his cock and balls, and when it's time for fucking, she strips down to absolutely nothing and fucks him hard.

"I love big, black cocks, but I love big, white cocks, too, and all sizes of cocks," Alysha said. "If it's hard and can satisfy my pussy, I'm fine with it. And I love cum!"

She gets lots of cum here, a whole faceful. Enjoy. Alysha obviously did.

Black cock in Naughty Alysha's pussy, white cum on her face

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Jodi West – Wife, hubby and the guy he brought home from work

Wife, hubby and the guy he brought home from work

It's "Bring Your Employee Home For Dinner Night" at the West household, but Jodi West hasn't prepared anything for dinner. What she has done, however, is dress up her tight, sexy 46-year-old body in a short, revealing red dress (paired with matching fuck-me pumps)

"Hi, honey, we're home," Mr. West, Jodi's real-life husband, says. "I brought our newest sales associate, Juanm with me. Juan has been tearing everything up at work."

Juan is about to tear everything up at the West household, too, because when Mr. West decides they oughta eat in tonight, Juan knows exactly what he wants to eat. He can't believe his good fortune. He can't believe he has such a great boss who offers his wife's mouth and pussy as part of the bonus plan.

Of course, like most bosses, Mr. West doesn't give without making sure he's getting something in return, so before long, Mr. West is eating his wife's pussy while she sucks Juan's cock. And then they're taking turns filling Jodi's MILF mouth and hot pussy.

In the end, Juan cums on her face, Mr. West cums in his wife's pussy and we get to see her play with the spunk that's dripping out of her cunt. That's our bonus.

Wife, hubby and the guy he brought home from work

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Carrie Romano – A hard-on for the hard-body

A hard-on for the hard-body

Hard-bodied 56-year-old Carrie Romano is having a session with her personal trainer. She's wearing a little red top that shows lots of cleavage and tight exercise shorts.

"How am I doing?" she asks.

"I think you're the best-looking client I have," Sergio replies.

"You're my best personal trainer," Carrie says.

She keeps pumping iron, and watching this is enough to get you worn out. Worn out and hard.

"Your chest looks bigger from here," Sergio says as he stands above her. Then he massages her shoulders. She massages his legs. He decides to massage her ass. She decides it's hot in there, so she takes off her shorts. And what does she have on underneath? A tiny, crotchless G-string!

The remainder of this training session consists of Connie sucking her trainer's cock then her trainer fucking Connie's shaved pussy in a variety of healthy positions then the trainer shooting his load inside Connie's pussy. You don't get that kind of treatment at 24 Hour Fitness.

A hard-on for the hard-body

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Lauren Taylor – Lauren gags and gets ass-fucked

Lauren gags and gets ass-fucked

Lauren Taylor, a 56-year-old mother and divorcee from Southern California, gags on a big cock and takes it up the ass in her first video at As debuts come, this one is very hot. Heck, it would be hot even for an experienced porn star. Most porn stars do not make themselves gag on dick. Most porn stars do not take it up the ass. But, as Lauren tells us in the interview that precedes the fucking, "If I'm on the menu, it's on the menu."

And how does a guy know it's anal time?

"I say, 'Fuck me in the ass,'" Lauren said.

Not everybody gets her ass but some guys get it the first time. She likes to be ass-fucked while spooning. Spooning is usually a very cuddly position, but why can't a woman get ass-fucked while she's being cuddly? No reason we can think of. Romantic ass-fucking. We like the idea of that.

Lauren is exactly the kind of woman we think of when we hear the phrase, "hot MILF." She's blonde. She's busty. She has a great body. Not surprisingly, her son's friends used to hit on her, but she never fucked them. That wouldn't have been right.

Getting ass-fucked by strangers on-camera is definitely right.

Lauren gags and gets ass-fucked

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Angie Noir – Fuck the boss’s ass or you’re fired!

Fuck the boss's ass or you're fired!

Bambino thinks he's in trouble when boss Angie Noir catches him showing his co-workers the upskirt photos he took of her, but what he's really going to be in is Angie's mouth, pussy and asshole. You see, when a woman dresses like Angie is dressed here--short skirt, thong that doesn't even cover her butthole when she bends over--you gotta figure she's cruising for some cock, and that's exactly what Angie is doing.

Bambino fucks 49-year-old Angie on the desk and then slides his cock into her asshole. She likes it in her asshole. He fucks her hard and cums deep in her butthole, and when he pulls out his cock, the cum comes pouring out. It's hot, it's nasty, and it gets nastier when Angie fingers her just-fucked asshole.

Born in Hungary, Angie now lives in South Florida, and she's become a MILF porn star, thanks in part to Also thanks in part to her beautiful face, big tits and great body. Angie likes to tease. She teases here then she pleases. She says, "Performing in movies to turn guys and girls on makes me feel sexy." She says her best assets are her creativity and her big boobs.

She forgot about her asshole.

Fuck the boss's ass or you're fired!

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Nicky White – The 51-year-old divorcee & the 25-year-old stud

The 51-year-old divorcee & the 25-year-old stud

"This is my first time doing this," said Nicky White, a 51-year-old divorcee from Seattle, Washington. By "this," she means sucking and fucking on-camera for all the world to see. She doesn't mean having sex with a guy who is much younger than her. She's done that before.

"I had sex with a 27-year-old when I was 50," Nicky said. She was with friends at a bar. She and the younger stranger started chatting. Turned out that he was finishing up his doctorate and Nicky was horny.

"I'm always impressed by brainiacs, and one thing led to another," Nicky said. "He told me he'd never had sex with an older woman. We went back to his apartment. It was fun." She hasn't seen him since then. "I'm not looking for him." Why should she when she can come to our studio and fuck young studs with big, thick cocks?

Nicky is 5'6" tall. She has been divorced three times. If she likes an older man, she'll go for it. If she likes a younger man, she'll let him approach her.

"I can be very wild," Nicky said.

As you're about to see.

The 51-year-old divorcee & the 25-year-old stud


Lucy Holland – Lucy goes for a ride

Lucy goes for a ride

There's the frequent flyers' club. There's the mile-high club. For Lucy Holland, a stewardess, there's the frequent fuck club. Lucy is a charter member. Lucy knows exactly what she wants and goes after it. Here, she lures the driver into the back of his shuttle and proceeds to give him the best blow job he's had in years. Look how she acupressures his balls and deep throats the shaft, fucking his dick with her mouth. They decide to find a nice, sleazy motel with themed rooms and fuck their brains out.

"I'm just a small-town housewife who wants to have a little fun," said Lucy, who lives in rural Georgia with her husband and two teenage children. "Everybody needs to let their wild side out once in a while."

There are many different ways to do it. We're glad Lucy chose this way.

Lucy goes for a ride

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Lauren Taylor – For starters, ball-sucking, a rim job and an ass-fucking

For starters, ball-sucking, a rim job and an ass-fucking

Lauren Taylor, a hot, sexy, 56-year-old blonde divorcee from Southern California, makes her debut, and what is she doing?

Well, she's sucking her stud's cock.

She's getting face-fucked.

She's getting tea-bagged and is eating her stud's asshole.

And then she's getting her pussy and ass fucked. Pretty good for starters, no?

To cap things off, she's also getting a facial. Hey, the guy had to cum somewhere, so why not all over her pretty face?

Lauren used to manage a boat marina in San Diego, which is where she was born. Now she's doing this. She's a MILF with two children. How does a man attract her attention?

"Nice goes a long way," she says. "Someone who treats me like a queen."

"Most people I know wouldn't be surprised to see me here. I've always been considered sexy."

They got that right.

For starters, ball-sucking, a rim job and an ass-fucking

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Gabriella Sky – She makes us Sky high

She makes us Sky high

40SOMETHING: I have to be very careful about the way I speak today because you are a speech pathologist. What exactly does a speech pathologist do?
GABRIELLA: What I do is work with cognition, swallowing disorders and any kind of neurological disorders that may lead to communication problems and cognition problems.
40SOMETHING: I'm sorry Gabriella, but I'm in a porn studio and I have an idiot's mind. I got stuck when you said swallowing disorders.
GABRIELLA: That's one of my favorites, too!
40SOMETHING: Gabriella, do you swallow?
GABRIELLA: Very well.
40SOMETHING: Married?
GABRIELLA: I am not married. I am divorced.
40SOMETHING: You're a divorcee on the prowl.
GABRIELLA: Yes, I am. You could say I'm a cougar.
40SOMETHING: Do you like younger men?
GABRIELLA: Yes, absolutely.
40SOMETHING: Preference: 20-year-old or 40-year-old?
GABRIELLA: Definitely a 20-year-old.
40SOMETHING: What if I take it down to 18?
GABRIELLA: Then we're pushing it. [Laughs]
40SOMETHING: So, you want to have sex with twins?
GABRIELLA: Yes! [Laughs] That's my fantasy! That's been my fantasy my whole life. I think it has something to do with that Double Spearmint gum commercial from eons ago. I saw twins on there and something must've clicked. That is my ultimate fantasy, to have sex with twins.
40SOMETHING: What is it about that?
GABRIELLA: Double the pleasure. I don't know. I couldn't tell you. I'll know if it ever happens.
40SOMETHING: Identical twins?
GABRIELLA: Yes, they definitely have to be identical twins.
40SOMETHING: Has that fantasy ever come close to happening?
GABRIELLA: Never! I would have said, "Hey, let's go!"
40SOMETHING: So let's say we were to give you twins. What would you do with them?
GABRIELLA: My imagination would go wild. I'd have one in one hand, one in the other. Have them in my mouth from both sides. I would love to do it all.
40SOMETHING: The lights have to be on, of course.
GABRIELLA: Oh, absolutely. I'm extremely visual. I want to see everything. No lights off. No such thing. That's a part of the excitement. That's part of the intensity. I'm sure at some point it will come along. I'll keep my fingers crossed.

She makes us Sky high

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Melanie – Big tits, no panties

Big tits, no panties

The delivery man drops his packages and wants to unleash his package when he sees sexy, busty 44-year-old Melanie walking by. The wind raised her skirt, revealing that she isn't wearing panties. Melanie knows a hard-on when she sees one and invites Mr. Delivery Man to her place. And since she's divorced, she doesn't have to worry about her hubby barging in on her. Not that that would've stopped her.

So, back at her place, Melanie sucks his cock. Then he fucks her pussy. And then she lets him have his way with her asshole. Yep, she gets ass-fucked by a guy she just met!

Melanie is from New York. She's a dance instructor. She says rubbing up against guy's cocks all day makes her hornier than she usually is, which is saying a lot. She's into anal. But you're about to find out that for yourself.

Big tits, no panties

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Lorena Ponce – Lorena knows what she wants

Lorena knows what she wants

Pretty face, nice tits, firm ass. That's Lorena Ponce, a 44-year-old divorcee who was born in Anaheim, California and lives in San Diego, California.

"Sexy, to me, comes from within," Lorena said. "It's the way a person carries themselves with confidence and pride. Sexy is a twinkle in the eyes, a beautiful smile and the way someone walks. A confident yet humble man isn't afraid to ask for what he wants. I'm usually assertive sexually, but sometimes I just want to be taken, and I need a man who has the confidence to do that."

In her first video, Lorena not only shows off her body. She kinda directs the shoot, too, telling the cameraman when to move in and when to move back. Is she the kind of woman who will direct a man in bed, too?

"Maybe," she said teasingly. "You could say I know what I want, but I shouldn't have to always ask for it."

Yeah, right. Slam the salami between Lorena's big tits. Fuck her mouth. Slip your sausage inside her mature pussy. We betcha Lorena won't tell you to move back.

Lorena knows what she wants

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Jeannie Lou – A creampie for Jeannie Lou

A creampie for Jeannie Lou

Jeannie Lou is dressed to fuck in a mini-skirt and fuck-me pumps, but the truth is, no matter what Jeannie Lou wears, she's dressed to fuck.

"What a nice fuckin' cock," she says as she gives Lucas's cock a rubdown. "I can't wait to get that in my tight, fuckin' wet pussy. Oh, shit! I need a little stress relief."

This 61-year-old divorcee sure ain't shy as she keeps up the fuck talk and stuffs her mouth with black dick while looking right into the camera. She slobbers all over Lucas's cock and provides such commentary as, "Oh, shit! Oh, fuck, yeah!" Then she throws off her clothes and resumes the cock-sucking.

Jeannie Lou gets rammed hard, cums hard and then lets us watch as a stream of cum flows out of her pussy. She opens her cunt wide with her wrinkled hands.

"Oh, I love that hot cock juice dripping out of my pussy!" this former fashion-boutique owner exclaims.

And that's all she has to say on the matter.

A creampie for Jeannie Lou

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Angie Noir – The peeper gets Angie’s ass

The peeper gets Angie's ass

Angie Noir is trying to get some work done in the archive room, and some pervert co-worker has his camera phone aimed right up her skirt. Can you blame him? When Angie bends over, her thonged butt peeks out. You can just about see her pussy and asshole.

Angie seems mad when she inevitably catches him. After all, the guy wasn't being very discreet. But is Angie angry? No. At first she seems angry, but what some may see as sexual harassment she sees as an opportunity to get some office cock. Now, by no means are we saying that you'd be as lucky if you did the same thing where you work. The truth is, most women are not like Angie.

Anyway, the big news is that 49-year-old Angie, a mother of four who was born in Hungary and now lives in Florida, is back at after an absence of nearly four years. She broke her hardcore cherry with us, and now she's getting ass-fucked on-camera.

Yep, the peeping perv gets Angie's ass, too. He gets his balls sucked by her, too.

Angie has DD-cup tits. Stupid pickup lines make her laugh. She's heard a lot of them. Her top three sexual encounters (in no particular order, she said) were:

1. "Picking up three guys at a bar and getting gangbanged."
2. "Picking up a stripper with my boyfriend in Vegas and having crazy sex until four in the morning."
3. "Picking up a guy at a swingers club and bringing him back home to join in with my boyfriend."

Hey, Angie, doesn't getting ass-fucked on-camera count?

The peeper gets Angie's ass

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Erica Lauren – Getting ass-fucked makes Erica happy

Getting ass-fucked makes Erica happy

For Erica Lauren, a 57-year-old wife and swinger from California (born in New Orleans, Louisiana), it doesn't matter where the cum shot lands. Cum on her face. Cum in her ass. Cum in her pussy. Cum on her tits. In this case, the stud, who has a big cock, shoots his load all over her face, which is fine with Erica. But what's important is...

"He fucked me hard and he fucked me good," she said. "First he fucked my pussy, then he fucked my ass, and I swear, I felt every vein in his cock while he was pumping me. It felt so good!"

Glad to hear that, Erica. Sure, we're here to make our members happy, but we also like when our models have a good time. Erica always has a good time when she's having sex on-camera.

"I wouldn't do it if I didn't enjoy it," she said.

Erica says, "I'm just a normal, everyday person who just happens to have sex on-camera. Several years ago, I got into porn pretty much on a whim, and it's been a wonderful experience ever since. My nature is to be outgoing, and I love to laugh and have everyone around me laughing, too."

And jacking, too. Laughing and jacking...what a way to live!

Getting ass-fucked makes Erica happy

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Jenna Covelli – Jenna’s yoga three-way

Jenna's yoga three-way

Tony and Carlos are pissed that their coach sent them to yoga class.

"Next thing you know, we'll be doing fucking ballet or something."

"What's up with coach? Why are we here for yoga?"

But then their instructor shows up. It's 51-year-old Jenna Covelli. Jenna has shown up for class in short, blue shorts and a cut-off tank top with no bra. Her nipples are hard. Her pussy is pulsating. She stretches and shows off her remarkable flexibility. She gets her legs all the way back and spread. This is a yoga pose? Looks like a "fuck-me" pose. But despite Jenna's obvious MILFosity, the guys are so anti-yoga that they refuse to get with the program. Jenna has a solution.

"We need to be more in-tune with our yoga," she says, "and in order to do that, we need to completely reveal ourselves."

She really means "reveal." She takes off her shirt.

"You must follow," she says. She takes off her shorts. "Let's expose our skin so we can get more oxygen," she says. They take their shorts off. Jenna notices that, if not oxygen, blood is rushing to their cocks. This yoga class is about to become very exciting. Jenna bends over to demonstrate downward dog. Carlos slides his cock into her pussy. Tony slips his cock into her mouth. Namaste.

Jenna's yoga three-way

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Jennifer Janes – Desperate, black-cock loving housewife

Desperate, black-cock loving housewife

It happens all the time. A middle-aged white woman sexually inflamed by raging hormones is neglected by her husband. Desperate for pussy stuffing, she seeks satisfaction with black cocks.

Such is the case with Jennifer Janes, a wife and business owner from Burlington, Wisconsin. She bids her husband good day and promises him a fine dinner when he gets home. As soon as he leaves, a tall, black man emerges from behind Jennifer. Jennifer is in love with his dick. She becomes his cunt slave, begging for harder thrusts in all positions. The woman is insatiable, but our man is up to the job. He likes to make old white women his fuck dolls.

Jennifer's life now has new meaning. Her stud squirts his load in her mouth, and she drinks the sap of his balls, savoring every drop. She makes him promise to fuck her again as soon as possible. How will she be able to make dinner for her husband after being slammed by the brotha? Life goes on.

Desperate, black-cock loving housewife

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Lexi Ambrose – If the shoe fits, fuck the salesman

If the shoe fits, fuck the salesman

Lexi Ambrose, a 53-year-old MILF and GILF, goes shopping for shoes and ends up getting cock instead. The guy she fucks is the shoe salesman, and if that doesn't sound like every shoe salesman's fantasy, we don't know what does.

"I prefer younger men," said Lexi, who has had sex with much-younger men in both of her scenes for That's how we roll here: mature women with young guys.

Lexi, who's from Seattle, Washington, enjoys going to wine tastings and comedy clubs and taking long walks on the beach. We assume she doesn't go alone, and if she does, she quickly has company. If you're trying to get her attention (she doesn't have a guy), be confident but not arrogant. Yeah, it's a thin line to walk.

Lexi's favorite TV show is The Voice. Her favorite movie is How To Lose A Guy in 10 Days. She's a swinger, but she says she's "super picky" about who she has sex with. Then again, she once had group sex with seven other people. She's not a nudist, but she loves being naked.

And fucking in shoes stores. Now she likes that, too.

If the shoe fits, fuck the salesman

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